Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some answers to questions we are commonly asked.

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How can I gain more information about your program?

We offer a completely complimentary consultation that is personalized to your needs!

Just click here to schedule!

Can I exercise if I’d like?

Of course!

But we would request that you not exercise for the first three weeks after starting our program, due to the stress of the natural detox process.

All weight loss, however, is not at all dependent on exercising.

What will I BE eating?

Delicious foods!

Whole Foods!

Foods that build, rather than destroy your health.

Our clients are constantly amazed by how enjoyable real nutrition tastes, as well as how real nutrition changes the body for the better, but most importantly, changes the molecular structure of one’s blood to reflect utter health and well-being.


What is the cost?

Cost is dependent on the amount of weight that would be appropriate for our clients to lose as based on:

a.) Height

b.) Bone structure

c.) Healthy BMI

We have further differentiated ourselves in the marketplace by making our program affordable.

Are there group classes?


All our clients enjoy one on one personalized weekly meetings as this is the format that relationship building takes place, leading to ultimate success!